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Put your website in your customers' pockets. From iPhone apps to a mobile-ready CMS, we can help.

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As Ferris Bueller wisely pontificated: "Life moves pretty fast. You don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." The same could be said about business opportunities.

If you're not leveraging the mobile web, you're missing out on a huge opportunity for your business, brand and content. Consumers are rapidly increasing their reliance on smart phones, tablets and portable internet-enabled devices to get work done, make purchasing decisions and connect with their peers. Heideldesign empowers our clients by giving them tools to create content, manage communities and directly appeal to their users wherever they are.

Get a Mobile Website Using Your Current Tools
The mobile web isn't only a useful tool for content creators and managers; it is a daily reality for consumers. Creating smart phone optimized websites tailored for specific devices allows you to create a custom experience for your readers and users. Heideldesign develops the mobile interfaces and ties them to Movable Type or Wordpress, keeping a single point of data entry for site owners.

Get Your Own iPhone or Android App
You're not limited to mobile web sites. Heideldesign can also create iPhone and Android apps that are powered by your web site content. By having a presence in Apple's iTunes store or the Amazon or Google App Marketplaces, your business will be on the leading edge of mobile development and satisfy the craving of your customers for a custom experience.

Update Your Site from Anywhere
The dream of managing an internet empire on a remote beach is now a reality. As long as you have a mobile internet connection, you can keep your site updated with fresh content. You can answer site-submitted comments. You can push messages directly to your customers. And you can do it all with the same tool you use to manage your full website, Movable Type.

Movable Type's iPhone interface gives you a succinct set of tools for commonly-accessed tasks. It's just as easy as the full web interface; but optimized for smaller screens and mobile environments.

Client Examples


Savannah Music Festival - Mobile SiteThe Savannah Music Festival utilized a smart phone-optimized version of their Addy-award winning website during their 2010 and 2011 festivals. The optimized site gave quick, easy access to the daily calendars, artist bios and ticketing links. 2010 artists included Wilco and She & Him and 2011 artists included Band of Horses and The Avett Brothers.

SMF iPhone App2011 saw the music festival launch a dedicated iPhone app. Due to the high website traffic from smart phones, the festival saw the need to better engage those tech-savvy users. The SMF iPhone app included artist bios, a festival calendar, streaming audio, videos on the festival venues and a GPS-enabled map of venues that allowed users to easily find concert locations. Download the app for free in the iTunes app store.


KCLS MobileThe King County Public Library system in Seattle Washington wanted a mobile web interface for their popular book review blogs. Heideldesign extended their Movable Type-powered site to utilize mobile templates that look great on any modern smart phone. Best of all, the simple design scales across all of their individual library sites to create a cohesive, unified experience.


DadAesthetic iPhone AppDadAesthetic is a blog and mini-magazine featuring product reviews, craft and travel ideas for involved parents. Heideldesign crafted a mobile website and an iPhone app for the site, both of which are powered by Wordpress. With one click, content goes to their main website, the mobile website and is streamed directly to the iPhone app.

DadAesthetic Mobile SiteThe iPhone app expands the web presence with exclusive content including a podcast and personalized video recommendations. There is even an "Ask a Dad" component that allows users to send in photographs and questions to be answered on the podcast. There are 15 separate content areas that allow the user to customize the interface to their most used sections. Download the app for free at iTunes.


CNati iPhone AppFor CNati, we built an iPhone application which delivers 16 separate channels of content to their users. Users can view stadium guides, filter their news by sports team, get the latest Twitter and Facebook status updates and more. The app has received over 5000 downloads.

To learn more about the mobile web and how you can position your business to innovate in this emerging field, Let's Talk.